Rewards and boxes

Participation in races is rewarded

Racers receive prizes for rides and have the opportunity to collect special boxes with NFTs. They can also buy boxes in our marketplace.

Race3 offers an opportunity for players to expand their car collections with special boxes that contain NFT cards featuring powerful and rare cars. These cars come with unique attributes such as speed, power, accumulator capacity, and recharge rate, which can make a huge difference in races.

Players can acquire these special boxes through in-game challenges or by purchasing them directly. Each box contains different particles that signify the rarity and value of the car inside, adding to the excitement of opening them.

With the ability to win or purchase these special boxes, players have the chance to level up their racing and collect the most powerful cars in the game. Whether a racer is a seasoned gamer or just starting out, these boxes offer a new level of strategy and excitement.

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