Race3 Club

We have created a special club for game fans

early access


first-class skins

additional discounts

exclusive access to free limited NFTs

non-public perks for holders of super rare NFTs

Joining our special Race3 Club is a thrill for any car racing enthusiast who wants to experience the play-to-earn game at its finest.

As members, gamers get exclusive access to discounts and early access to the latest cards, giving a competitive edge in the game. Our club also offers limited NFTs and special gifts that are reserved only for owners of super rare cards, making it even more exciting to collect and trade them.

Club members also get to participate in private races where they can meet and network with like-minded racers.

With our Race3 Club, racers can take their gaming experience to the next level, enjoying all the perks and benefits that come with being a member. You will also receive insider news and updates about upcoming events, promotions, and new card releases. Joining the club is an opportunity to be part of a community of passionate car racing fans, sharing your love for the game and creating unforgettable memories together.

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