📃How to start

Follow these steps to start playing

To get started, every player must connect their crypto wallet.

Race3's smart contract is designed to be inclusive, accommodating players who prefer any type of wallet.

To begin playing, simply visit the game's website and connect your wallet on the main page.


If you're using a mobile version, you can utilize any Dapp browser, including the one integrated into your crypto wallet.

Now, you can choose the race in which you'd like to participate. On this page, you'll find a selection of upcoming races held on four different racing tracks.

There are four types of tracks and four rarities of NFT cars.

The track you'll race on in Race3 is determined by the rarity of your NFT electric car. Each rarity level of an NFT car corresponds to a specific track type, offering exclusive experience for players.

As an example, a Rarity 1 NFT car is intended to the first track type, whereas a Rarity 2 NFT car provides access to the second track type, and this pattern continues for all four rarities. The track for your race is determined by the rarity of your current NFT racing car.

Lobby Filling Rules

The check-in process is automated and follows two lobby filling rules of your choice. The first rule triggers the race start when the lobby reaches a certain number of participants before a specific deadline. The minimum number of participants required can be as low as two, while the maximum can reach up to 22. The second rule fills the lobby based on a designated time period. Once the agreed-upon time on the timer elapses, the game begins, regardless of whether the lobby is completely filled. Once the race starts, all participants automatically contribute to the general prize fund.

Join the Race3 by purchasing a ticket, available at an affordable price of just $₮. To increase your chances of winning, the minimum ticket purchase requirement is set at 10 pieces. By acquiring multiple tickets, you unlock a greater opportunity to secure victory.

The draw takes place automatically, ensuring fairness. From the pool of participants, one winner is randomly selected, giving everyone an equal chance of winning. The victorious racer claims the entire prize pool, adding an extra layer of excitement and motivation to the game.

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