Governance token will be presented to early adopters

We empower our community members by allowing them to vote through our DAO system. In order to be eligible to vote, community members must possess both an NFT card with a Super Luxe car and at least one governance token.

We believe that our NFT cards with Super Luxe cars add a special element of rarity and value to the gaming experience. By purchasing these cards, players not only gain access to valuable assets within the game but also the ability to participate in the governance process of the Race3 ecosystem.

When enough NFT cards with Super Luxe cars have been purchased, we will conduct an airdrop of governance tokens among those who have made the purchases. This airdrop will be based on the total number of NFT cards purchased and will be distributed in a fair and transparent manner.

To ensure that this process is accessible to as many community members as possible, we have set a target of 1000 NFT cards with Super Luxe cars to be purchased before conducting the airdrop. Once this target is reached, we will distribute 49% of all governance tokens among the eligible community members.

By embracing this innovative approach to governance and rewarding our community members for their participation, we hope to create a more engaging and sustainable gaming experience in Race3. We believe that this mechanism will encourage more players to become active participants in the Race3 ecosystem, while also promoting a fair and transparent governance process.

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