Token types & model

Tokens of Race3 are used within the entire ecosystem.

Our Utility and Governance tokens circulate within the two-token model.

It is designed to provide a seamless and efficient system for players. Our ecosystem uses both governance and utility tokens that are designed to circulate within our two-token gaming space. Governance tokens give users a say in the direction of the game, allowing them to vote on proposals and make decisions about future updates. These tokens are crucial for ensuring that the community has a voice in the development of Race3 and that their interests are represented. On the other hand, utility tokens are used within the game for various purposes such as purchasing NFTs, unlocking tracks, participating in races, and much more.

This separation of functionality is essential as it allows for greater control over the game design and mitigates the risk of negative price fluctuations impacting the gameplay experience.

Our system is stable.

By using a two-token model, we ensure that the value of the governance token is not diluted by its use in day-to-day transactions and that users can participate in the game without having to worry about governance. The governance token can be earned through participation in races or purchased in our marketplace, and it can be staked to earn rewards. In addition, we have implemented a buyback and burn mechanism to control the supply of both tokens, which helps to increase their value over time. A healthy economy within the game is the demand for utility tokens driven by the value that players place on the items and experiences that they can access with them.

Overall, our two-token model provides a solid foundation for the sustainable growth of Race3, and we believe it helps our thriving community of engaged and passionate users.

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