Token pool

Burning mechanism

Token burning is a crucial mechanism in the world of blockchain gaming that ensures the sustainability and stability of utility tokens flow. Our game, Race3, has embraced token burning as a way to create an engaging and stable experience for our players.

We burn utility tokens during gameplay to ensure that they circulate freely and without limitation. These tokens are bought in our marketplace and used to purchase boxes with sudden in-game perks. We also donate tokens as developers to the DAO, which holds sessions of voting within our community of game token holders. The amount of tokens we donate is dependent on the dynamic and modern nature of our game.

Token burning helps to prevent inflation and increases the value of remaining tokens in circulation. By reducing the total supply of tokens, we can create more value for our players and token holders. It is also a way to increase the demand for tokens by making them more scarce and valuable.

The token burning mechanism in Race3 is fully automated and is performed constantly during tournaments, with the burn rate being determined by the volume of gameplay and decisions of DAO. We believe that this mechanism is an essential part of creating a sustainable blockchain game that provides value and enjoyment for our players and community.

In summary, token burning is a beautiful mechanism that allows us to create a cohesive and engaging experience in Race3.

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