Product development

5 stages of product development represent different winner selection mechanisms

Stage 1. 0.1 Beta

After the draw, 1 winner of the race will be randomly selected to be eligible to receive the reward. All tickets give equal chances of winning.

Stage 2. 0.x Beta

Game mechanics get more complicated. The complexity of the races now depends on the weather, characteristics of the driver, vehicle parameters, and others.

Stage 3. 1x Beta

The game becomes more spectacular. Races get beautiful 3D visualization. And on top, there get introduced new additional tracks and cars.

Stage 4. 1.x

The multiplayer regime is now on! Racers should apply all their driving skills to win in different race modes. Moreover, from now users can purchase or rent tracks and get income for their usage. New racer personages, skins, enchancers and so much more.

Stage 5. 2.x

The mobile application gets released in a beta version. Graphics receive major enhancements.

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