Game mechanics

Instantly start playing without the mandatory first investment and earn money by participating in races

The metaverse introduces a unique gaming experience through the combination of both traditional core game and blockchain mechanics.

Starting to play

First, players connect their crypto wallets. Immediately after that, they receive gift boxes with an NFT car.

In the Race3 game, NFT cars are collectible cards. All cars have different specifications. With the development of the project, the races will become more and more realistic and exciting.


Members can buy cards from various collections:


in later versions:

Racing tracks

Characters (Racers)

Skins (for cars)

Improvements (parts, for cars)

The rarity of cards:





The use of NFT technology provides in-game opportunities. Prize tokens get credited quickly and accurately. Users gain full ownership of their assets.

Game mechanics

Here's an example:

There are 4 initial racing tracks. Gamers compete by racing on them. With NFT ID 1 and rarity 1, the user applies for qualification for the race.

After successfully completing the qualification, he and the rest of the participants wait for one of two events:

  1. By time: if there are 2 or more participants in the racing room, then at a certain N time, the race starts.

  2. By filling: if there are 20 people in the racing room, then by adding the last one the game starts automatically.

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